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The objective for Perficio Solutions is to provide the skills and services required to make compliance management straightforward, easier and better through successfully improve the customers processes, managing their projects and by helping implement software solutions that it identified, not only as 'best of breed', but that had the flexibility to adapt to the many and varied requirements of their client's. In the last couple of years Perficio Solutions has drawn on it’s experience to developed everything from legacy migration tools to mobile applications. We either fill gaps or enhance existing teams with our experience and pragmatic approach.

Adaptability - In an age of constant advancement we continuously learn and improve in all aspects of our business.

Innovation - Don't see something as a problem but rather an opportunity to think of a new solution.

Simon Benson

Simon is a highly experienced and accredited Project Manager who has worked on many small and large projects all over the world, coupled with his broad technical knowledge and his uncompromising work ethic he can ensure your project receives the focus and drive it needs to succeed. Complemented by his commercial experience in Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental with large and small corporations he is able to understand both sides of an issue and possible solution. Simon is a co-founder of Perficio Solutions Limited and is moderately obsessed with motorbikes and sailing.

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